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Great Ideas Conference 2020

Call For Proposals

The 2020 Call fro Proposals is now open! Review the call for propsals, submit a proposal on one of our selected topics, propose your own topic, or nominate a potential presenter.

Call for Proposals

2019 Education Offerings

Bring your insights, energy, and passion to drive innovation across your organization. You’ll experience sessions that will build individual and organizational competencies to help your organization thrive and grow. At this year’s Great Ideas, the innovation competencies and the conference educational program will focus on: change management; modeling curiosity, creativity, foresight, data literacy, and empathy; and/or fostering enterprising, iterative, resilient association leadership. 

You’ll hear content leaders from inside and outside the association sector that give new insight and perspectives to the challenges facing association leaders in a rapidly evolving industry. By engaging in provocative discussions and discovering ways to navigate your association’s future, you’ll move beyond your comfort zone.

  • Challenge convention
  • Shift perspectives
  • Discuss macro trends
  • Practice leadership resilience
  • Prepare mindsets for major industry shifts
  • Enhance mind and body

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Dynamic Formats

Harness Innovation, creativity, and leadership through a mix of non-traditional and traditional learning in a supportive, self-directed setting.

  • Executive Leadership Workshops
  • Idea Labs
  • Learning Circles
  • Leadership Intensive



Knowledge Levels

Focus in on what is most relevant and beneficial to you by identifying the level of learning you’re looking for. The level applies to the recommended prerequisite knowledge of the session topic, rather than your position level in your organization.

Applied level


Focus on broad information, awareness, and understanding of a topic with limited or no prior knowledge or experience of the subject required. Transfers new information without substantial prerequisite knowledge to process or use it. This level is appropriate for employees or managers with limited experience of the subject area seeking to learn fundamentals, mid-career managers and directors looking to fill in gaps to solidify their skill set, and individuals new to the field before or after

Applied level


Focus on extensive application, comprehension, and implementation with in-depth material or explanation by the instructor, preparing learners to exhibit a definitive skill. They are highly interactive, including case studies and assessment measures, and require the learner to be more engaged, interacting with the material and using the information in practical applications, and therefore require some prerequisite knowledge. This level is appropriate for individuals with some knowledge and experience in the subject area, individuals who are mid-level managers, and directors in their fields with an established degree of competence and for those seeking to build on, apply, or enhance existing knowledge.

Applied level


Focus on high-level creativity, innovation, and peer-to-peer knowledge sharing around highly technical or detailed topics, preparing learners to shape organizational strategy and aid in the growth or progress of industry best practices. The course material and activities focus on problem identification, analysis, and solutions, while emphasizing risk-taking, autonomy, and opportunities for exploration. Objectives may be to enhance the learner’s ability to lead change, manage high-performing teams, and develop leadership throughout their organizations. This level is appropriate for senior-staff executives and officers with significant expertise, knowledge, and experience, who could be deemed an expert in the field.


Earn CAE credits!

Attend the 2019 Great Ideas Conference and earn 11.75 credit hours toward certification or renewal of the Certified Association Executive (CAE) designation. Additional CAE credits can be earned by attending the following qualifying education: Executive Leadership Workshops (3) per session and Women Executives Forum (2) per session.