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Braindates return in 2018!

Get your ideas off the table and into action. Connect in new ways through Braindates.

Braindates removes the barriers to networking and helps you get to the meaningful conversations right away. Braindates are one-on-one learning meetings with fellow Great Ideas participants on a range of topics based on what’s top of mind and what you’re looking to learn.

Uncover the untapped potential of peers and colleagues old and new as you share your experience or expertise, learn or share something new, and connect for meaningful peer learning.

Book Braindates

Set up Braindates before you arrive in Colorado through the event app. We’ll give you a notification once Braindate scheduling opens—four weeks before Great Ideas—so you can begin browsing for matches and scheduling onsite meetups at the Braindate Lounge and Bookstore.

It’s simple:

  • Log into the Braindates website to create your profile:
  • Use your email (username) and badge ID (password)  as your credentials.
  • Explore the topic market–where all participants (including you!) post the knowledge they are willing to share.
  • Pick something you want to learn and create your own topic.
  • Book your braindates and meet in person at the Braindate Lounge and Bookstore!


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Get started!

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