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Education through Diverse Perspectives, Insights & Formats

Great Ideas is the flagship innovation conference for the association community, and will help you navigate ideation through execution. You’ll engage in provocative discussions and discover new ways to navigate your career and your association’s future.

Keynotes & Inspire Speakers 

Great Ideas offers you thought leadership from inside and outside the association industry to make sure you hear a variety of perspectives to evoke ideation and problem solving. Look forward to hearing and collaborating with some of the most innovative, inspiring, and creative leaders in the industry. 

Executive Leadership Workshops:

Additional Registration Required

Optional workshops help you maximize your conference experience through in-depth education around some of the hottest industry trends and topics. Get involved in deep discussion and learning in a 360 environment. 2017 workshops included

Ultimate Power Skills & Team Building, where attendees learned how to use gamification outside the classroom and improve listening, leadership, and communication skills.—The Versatility of Video to Drive Business Objectives, where attendees explored the different types of video to reach their goals and how to achieve their vision with a plan in mind.

Putting Women’s Ideas to Work—Authentic Ways to Hear and Be Heard, where attendees discussed how to get their ideas from ideation into creation and have their voice heard by better understanding their own voice in intrapreneurship.

Additional Registration Required= Separate purchase required.


Learning Formats:

Experience a variety of session types to put you in control of your own learning experience. Below are the 2017 Great Ideas Conference learning formats—which change from year to year—that enhance your learning experience.

  • Brain Dates—Matchmaker facilitated one-on-one appointments that were a huge hit at 2017 Great Ideas in Orlando!
  • Inspire—Thought leaders from outside the association industry share revolutionary ideas and inspiration.
  • Learn—Traditional blend of lecture based instruction, case studies, panels, and interaction.
  • Inform—Quick and informative essentials of a broad topic designed to provide core knowledge.
  • Create—Interactive learning featuring real-time creation of tools, systems, and strategies.
  • Ideate—Interactive learning featuring idea generation to uncover unconventional solutions.
  • Masterclass—Intensive learning focused on in-depth development of skills and abilities.

Learning Levels:

Focus in on what is most relevant and beneficial to you by identifying the level of learning you’re looking for.

Applied level


Awareness and factual recall—for those with limited experience of the subject area seeking introductory understanding.

Applied levelApplied

Understanding and comprehension—for those with some experience seeking to build on, apply, or enhance existing knowledge in practical applications to master concepts.

Applied levelStrategic

Application and implementation of highly technical or detailed topics—for those with substantial prerequisite knowledge seeking the most up-to-date information to heighten expertise.